Ok, it’s not bad…

It’s been two weeks since we moved to Rome, and we’ve fallen into something of a rhythm.

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Every morning, we wake up and stumble down the street to a coffee shop called the Gemini Bar, which is about a 3 minute walk. The barista is an incredibly nice woman named Silvia, who talks us through the Italian very gently while we order and pay – “Due cappuccini? E due cornetti. Due e due è quattro Euro.” We sit with our cappuccinos and our croissants and read the paper in Italian. It’s pretty easy to get the gist of stories thanks to pictures and some cognates, and we spend most of our time speculating about individual words until one of us breaks out Google translate on a phone. After the Gemini, lately we’ve been walking to school, which is only about a 20 minute commute by foot. If it’s not a school day, we usually walk to any of three local grocery stores buy some very fresh, very cheap meats, cheeses, fruits and breads, and then we take a nap to beat the heat.

Later, whether we’ve been working or sleeping all day, we walk from our apartment to the tram, about 10 minutes away, and ride south to the Piazza del Popolo (The People’s Square), which we’ve decided is the northernmost part of the really cool part of Rome. From there we wander south, either to shop for clothes on Via del Corso (Romans dress well, and we’re supposed to do what they do (#2)), or to visit some gorgeous monument like the Pantheon, il Piazza Navona, the Colosseum (again), or St. Peter’s Basilica. And then we have a gelato. And maybe another coffee. And then dinner. Somewhere along the way here we’ve walked Rosie for 1.5 to 2 hours, and we’ve made it back home to watch Netflix or HBO Go.

It might be around midnight before we walk back in the door, or it could be as early a 8pm. We watch some TV, brush our teeth, brush Rosie’s teeth, and crawl into bed. No blanket, just sheets so we can stay reasonably cool, and the fan cranked on high. In about 8 hours, we’ll be back at the Gemini.


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